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All natural health products sold in Canada are subject to the Natural Health Products Regulations which came into effect in January 2004. The regulations provide Canadians with access to safe, effective, high quality natural health product which are approved by Health Canada. To be legally sold in Canada, all natural health products must have a product license, and the Canadian sites that manufacture, package, label and import these products must also have site licenses.

To get product and site licenses, specific labelling and packaging requirements must be met, good manufacturing practices must be followed, and proper safety and efficacy evidence must be provided. Nature’s Way products are approved by Health Canada. Find out more about the Natural Health Products Regulations.

As always, it is important to consult your health care practitioner before taking any natural remedies or supplements, especially if you are taking medication, have any health conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  1. Nature’s Way has 3 types of herbs from which you can choose. Whole herbs, herbal combinations and standardized extracts.

  2. Whole herbs are just that. They contain all the components of the plant. Keep in mind, there are environmental factors that may cause variations in the end products. These factors may include weather, soil quality and time of harvest. Nature’s Way whole herb products are easily recognizable by their green lids.

  3. Herbal combinations are a combination of 2 or more whole herbs. Our combination formulas are packaged with yellow lids.

  4. Standardized extract refers to the process by which one part of the herb is isolated, removed and then put back into the herbal base of that product. This ensures the active ingredients to be isolated in specific, guaranteed amounts. This allows for greater consistency in the product from one bottle to the next. Nature’s Way standardized extracts are found in the bottles with the purple lids.
TRU-ID is an independent testing program that uses cutting-edge DNA biotechnology to ensure the authenticity of our herbal products. With TRU-ID validation, you can be sure that the herbs listed on our labels actually match what is in our products.

Nature’s Way was the first major brand to be TRU-ID certified. TRU-ID provides ongoing compliance, which gives you another great reason to trust our brand. Simply look for the seal to find the herbal products certified authentic by TRU-ID. Learn more about TRU-ID certification.
Pure Check is an independent third-party testing process that ensures the purity and quality of natural health products. Products with the Pure Check symbol have been tested against label claims to ensure that consumers know exactly what they’re getting. All test results are published online to ensure full transparency.
The gelatin in Nature’s Way herbal products is bovine and porcine. For our vegan and vegetarian customers, Nature’s Way produces some vegetable-based gelatin capsules as well.
The Primadophilus Optima and Fortify Shelf Stable probiotics are not freeze dried or enteric coated. These products are shelf stable because of the unique encapsulation technology used, the probiotic strains chosen and the amount of CFUs originally encapsulated. We put a surplus of CFUs in each capsule so that the amount of die off does not affect the guaranteed amount of CFUs per serving through the end of shelf life.
To assure quality and safety, all potential suppliers are subjected to an extensive sourcing program before a material is considered for use. This program is initiated with a formal vendor quality evaluation that provides critical regulatory, processing, and safety information. Some of the information required includes regulatory status, material source, processing steps, quality, purity, and stability. This information is reviewed by our Quality Assurance department. Any supplier who does not meet our quality standards is barred from becoming a vendor. That is, we will not purchase material from them.

Nature’s Way maintains stringent raw material quality specifications for potency, microbiological, and purity tests. Raw material is monitored by our dedicated quality team to ensure only the highest quality raw materials are used in our products. We monitor and test each lot purchased to ensure that quality is maintained.
The ratio used in our standardized extracts represents the potency of the product. The 3:1 ratio represents 3 times as concentrated whereas the 10:1 ratio represents 10 times as concentrated. Another way to look at it is 10:1 means we use 10 parts (let’s say 10lbs) crude herb to make 1lb of finished extract.
Yes, many of our products are sourced from and made in Canada. Specifically, our Omega-3 products, NutraSea, NutraSea Professional, OmegaSea and NutraVege are all manufactured in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Our Alive! Multivitamin Gummies are made in Prince Edward Island while our Coconut Oils are manufactured in Saskatchewan.

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