Clinically proven
to reduce cold symptoms.

Made from the extract of the South African Geranium, Umcka reduces the duration and symptom severity of the common cold.

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What is Umcka?

Umcka is a natural health product that contains a registered and propriety extract EPs 7630®, which is an extract from the South African plant Pelargonium sidoides, otherwise known as the South African Geranium.

What does Umcka do?

Umcka helps to shorten the duration and lessen the symptom severity of the common cold, laryngitis, and pharyngitis.

Umcka is clinically proven.

Pelargonium sidoides (or African Geranium Root); is one of the best researched cold & cough phytomedicine worldwide – clinically proven in more than 25 scientific studies, including more than 10,000 patients, with over 4,000 children.

Umcka is approved for children, adolescents and adults.